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About SchoolStaff

SchoolStaff started out as an idea from a teacher about an easier way to find temporary relief teachers. The existing system was often long and complicated, usually early in the mornings resulting in alot of wasted time and effort for all involved. This website allows School Administrators to easily find the Teachers available for their school based on an easy to input calendar that is accessed by the Teachers to indicate their availability by a simple green or red box. It is easy to use, quick to view and saves an endless amount of time and phone calls.

About the Project

I was approached to develop the idea past an original concept the client had and after being provided other quotes and ideas from other web development agencies. The key to this project was simplicity at the user end, and with the responsive layout and touch screen ready calendar we have achieved this. The project consisted of alot of PHP and MYSQL work to allow the ease of use and functions required, in addition to the more familiar “front website” style.

What they thought about WWD

In the latter part of 2013 we contacted Daniel Winkless to discuss further developing a web idea for managing and tracking staff. From the first meeting he understood what we wanted, added great suggestions and ideas, and was prompt in getting to work.
Throughout the building and operation of the site he was open and prompt in his communication even on weekends and holidays. He has continued to provide advice and suggestions and added details or changes that we wanted without a hassle. His ongoing moral and technical support has been invaluable. This is in sharp contrast to another web design company who we never heard from again once we’d paid their bill.
I thoroughly recommend Daniel and Winkless Web Design.
John Scholz

SchoolStaff Website