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What is Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a number of tasks performed on and off of a website for the goal of increasing rankings in the Search Engines and thus increasing traffic to a site.

What Is Involved?

1. Website Audit

The first thing I do as part of any Search Engine Optimisation work is to conduct an audit on your website. This helps identify any areas that we can improve on such as page speed, page titles, content, the structure of the website and how the pages link together.

2. Keyword Research

I use a variety of keyword tools to identify the keywords that will provide the best opportunities for traffic and conversions on your website. These keywords then form the focus around the work I perform on the website, as the ultimate goal is to get users to find your website when searching with those keywords. Using these keywords, I assess how you are currently indexed in the Search Engines.

3. Competitor Analysis

Once I have identified the keywords that will be targeted for your website, I analyse your competitors who are currently ranking for those keywords, identify what they are doing well, and set a strategy that allows us to get you ranking above them.

Search Engine Optimisation Adelaide

4. On Site Optimisation

This is where the work on your actual website takes place – the site is optimised for the keywords identified during the keyword research. Things such as Page titles, body text, indexed pages on the search engines, and URL’s are all optimised.

5. Link Building

High quality, relevant inbound links from other websites can assist in rankings and I help build these links.

6. Reporting

I’ll send you regular reports detailing the progress of your rankings as a result of the Search Engine Optimisation work performed. My experience shows that the results will improve slowly with time after the work is performed, and this will generally be reflected in the reporting you receive from me.

Search Engine Optimisation Adelaide Results

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The price of Search Engine Optimisation will vary based on a few different factors, such as the age of the site, existing SEO profile and work performed previously. I generally perform Search Engine Optimisation work in blocks of time, where as others prefer to lock you in to a contract over a period of time. The majority of the work I do on your site is done up front, and as such I do not believe in keeping you in a longer term contract when the on-going work would be minimal usually.

As a guide, I like to allocate atleast 10-12 hours initially which allows me to undertake an audit on the site, and work a plan for keyword research, competitor analysis and on-site optimisation – this block of time is charged at my hourly rate. Links are important also, but I have had success without having to resort to lots of link building work. Once the block of work has been performed, I analyse the rankings over the next two to 3 months, at which point we can assess if further work should be considered. This keeps the cost to you low, and free from any long term contracts.

I have performed Search Engine Optimisation in Adelaide for businesses I have created websites for, as well as other businesses in Melbourne and Sydney who came to me via referral.

If you are interested in my Search Engine Optimisation services, please contact me and we can discuss your requirements.