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We love building amazing WordPress Websites for our clients, and we love making sure they stay online!

Maintaining and updating a WordPress website can be daunting and time consuming however, and is often put off and pushed to the bottom of the to-do list for these reasons. The result of this is a WordPress website that is lacking fresh content, displays old or outdated images, or just doesn’t work due to hacking or lack of updates and backups. Given the scale of WordPress and it’s use, it does get targeted for hacking so it is important to maintain it to avoid or minimise any impact on your website. WordPress is updated regularly, either with core or plugin updates, so it’s important to keep everything up to date. By keeping WordPress updated, it ensures that your website not only runs as it should, but is as secure as possible.

We provide a full WordPress Maintenance Service, and can help you to keep your WordPress website up to date, secure, and backed up so you don’t lose your investment in the event of a malicious hacking attack. Our WordPress Maintenance Services are offered both in the form of on-going monthly packages, or on a one off basis. We can discuss your Website Maintenance requirements with you to help you choose the most effective option. See below for a guide on pricing. All of our WordPress Maintenance clients receive timely and affordable service, backed by friendly service and the expertise to keep your website running smoothly.

Whether it’s a quick change to text on a page, adding or removing existing pages, changing the look of pages, an update of Core files and a backup, or a complete theme rebuild, we have you covered with our WordPress Maintenance Services!

See below for our WordPress Maintenance Plans and Pricing.

WordPress Maintenance Costs

We offer two different options for our Website Maintenance Services. Both options are great value for money and offer the same great service.

WordPress Maintenance Plan

Our most popular WordPress Maintenance Service is our WordPress Maintenance plan. This maintenance plan is geared more to keeping your WordPress website up to date, secure, and backed up, so you can focus on running your business and not performing WordPress Core and Plugin updates. As part of our WordPress Maintenance Plan, we will:

  • Update the WordPress Core on a weekly basis/li>
  • Update relevant plugins on a weekly basis
  • Ensure there are no plugin conflicts
  • Take Weekly Backups of the Website
  • Provide Restoration of most recent backup at no charge if site goes down

Our WordPress Maintenance Plan starts at $25 per month, prepaid annually ($300)

WordPress Update Services

Our WordPress Update Services are suited to ad-hoc or one off updates or changes on your WordPress website such as adding pages, changing colours or layouts on the site, changing text or photos, adding new functionality etc, or even a one off update of the WordPress core and plugins with a backup. These services are useful where you have an existing website and want to make changes to it but do not know how and don’t want to risk breaking the website, or just purely because you don’t have the time.

We can perform the following as part of our WordPress Update Services:

  • Update the WordPress Core & Plugins/li>
  • Add New Plugins or functions
  • Create a New Custom Theme
  • Install an off the shelf theme
  • Redesign of important pages
  • Editing the colours, look or layout of the existing theme
  • Changes to the navigation menu
  • Adjust existing or add new contact forms
  • Addition of custom elements
  • Integration of WooCommerce into an existing WordPress website
  • And much more!

Our WordPress Updates are based on our hourly rate, from $80 per hour. An estimate of works to be completed will be provided prior to work commencing.

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