Adwords Management Adelaide

Google Adwords is another effective way to drive targeted traffic to your site. Adwords is effectively an auction that is run behind the scenes when a user makes a search query, with a number of factors taken into account to then display 3 ads above the “organic” search results and often additional listings to the side of the organic listings.

A well setup Google Adwords account can direct customers who are ready to buy your product or service to your website, providing a return on your investment. A poorly setup Adwords campaign on the other hand can get you clicks but end up being a waste of money if you don’t now how to establish it and direct customers effectively. You can read more about Adwords here.

Adwords Management Packages

I can establish and manage your Adwords campaign for you, and provide the following options:


$400 Setup

Up to 20 Keywords

Up to 3 Campaigns

3 Ads Per Campaign

Perfect for Small Businesses who are in a low competition industry, and those with one or two main products or services to target.


$600 Setup

Up to 50 Keywords

Up to 7 Campaigns

4 Ads Per Campaign

Suited for Small to Medium businesses in a more competitive industry, or multiple product lines or services to target.


$900 Setup

Up to 100 Keywords

Up to 10 Campaigns

5 Ads Per Campaign

Suited to Medium to Large businesses in a competitive industry, or businesses with many product lines or services to offer.

As part of the monthly Adwords Management Fee noted above with all of the packages, you will receive a monthly report of your Adwords spend and detailed campaign data to see where your spend is going. I also review the account daily to determine where improvements can be made in the ads and campaigns to ensure you receive the best return from your spend.

I do not take a percentage of your Adwords spend like some other providers do, and the amounts noted above are the fee I charge regardless of your spend level. The only time you will incur additional costs are for things like adding additional pages on your website, and major changes to campaigns, which would be charged at my hourly rate, with an idea on cost provided before commencing any work. I pride myself on being open and transparent with all Adwords Management Fees, and as such these will be explained prior to commencing any work.

I do find that undertaking a Google Adwords Campaign is also beneficial when doing Search Engine Optimisation due to an overlap in Keyword research required for both tasks.

If you would like to discuss an Adwords Campaign for your business, or have any other questions regarding Adwords or my Adwords Management Services, please contact me.